Emanuel Samir Muñoz Panduro

Interested in Machine Learning, Computer Vision, and Robotics for global or social issues. Worked on projects related to surgical robotics, autonomous vehicles, machine learning, and control such that they resulted on seven IEEE indexed publications (available here). Currently, I am working on Deep Reinforcement Learning applied on mobile robots for exploration tasks and Safe Learning applied on autonomous vehicles.

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End-to-end navigation and exploration task in unknown environments.
code / extended abstract

Developed an actor-critic agent (PPO) applied on a mobile robot for exploration and navigation tasks.
Intrinsic rewards formulated from Random Network Distillation module.
Tech: OpenAI Gym, PyTorch, ROS

Learning a CBF controller for Adaptive Cruise Control Under Model Uncertainty.

Using Online Sequential Extreme Machine Learning for real-time uncertainty correction in the Adaptive Cruise Control problem.
Project part of the Robotics Program RISS at Carnegie Mellon University.
Tech: Torch

Trajectory Tracking Control of UR5 Robot: a PD with Gravity Compensation and Sliding Mode Control Comparison.
ICCAD 2020
paper / code

Trajectory tracking comparison between PI and SMC under gaussian disturbances.
Tech: ROS

Torque Control in Position-Controlled Robots using an Inverse Dynamic Task.
CDC 2020

Transforming torque inputs into position inputs for a manipulator robot in cleaning window task.
Proposed hybrid controller composed of a learning approach and inverse dynamics.

Remote Haptic Control of a Robotic System for Application in Surgery.

Robot platform based on haptic technology for surgery tasks based on UR5 manipulator robots.
Project fully funded by CONCYTEC

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